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About Samui

Koh Samui at 280 Km2 is the largest island of the Gulf of Thailand. It is part of an archipelago of 80 smaller islands of which only six are inhabited. It is an island of coconut plantations, jungle and forested hills, mountains culminating at 636 meters and of course beautiful beaches. Its jungle, hills and waterfalls create a variety of landscapes rarely found on other islands.  On Samui you will never be far from the beach or the mountains and local laws prohibit buildings from being built higher than a coconut palm tree.

About Gay Samui

The gay scene on Samui is more relaxing and quieter than Pattaya and Phuket. Many people come here to explore the nature on land and sea tours and indulge themselves with massage and other holistic treatments.  True party animals will find plenty to keep them up at night on the Chaweng club scene and the regular Full/Half/Black Moon Parties. There is plenty of gay people living on Samui, both ex-pats and Thai and its easy to make new friends at the gay venues as well as on-line and at the poplar mixed night club scene. Most gay businesses listed on this web site are in the north east of of the island.  An area stretching from Bophut on the north coast to Chaweng on the east coast.  The Map Page shows the exact locations with links back to the business description pages.

About Gay-Samui.com

This website is a cooperation between all gay venues on Koh Samui.  Our aim is to give you a fast and easy overview of the gay scene on our beautiful island.  Each business listed here is gay owned and/or run but not necessarily with a service exclusively for LGBT people.  Each business gives an overview of their operation and with a mouse click you can go directly to their own website. All you need to know about gay Koh Samui at the click of a button.

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