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Every 1st Saturday of the month

Darts Night at Pride Bar

Shoot straight for once!

See how straight you can pay or just come on down to watch the fun. Pride Bar is a great place to hang out any night of the week but if you are on the island on the 1st Saturday of the month there is even more reason to come in for a drink


See the location information in the Pride Bar section



Every 3rd Saturday of the month.

10 Pin Bowling at Major Bowl

Throw a ball and strike a pose

Experienced bowler or first timer, with friends or on your own.  Everyone is welcome.  Arrive prompt at 8pm and we will find some bowling buddies for you to play with.  Or come anytime between 8pm - 10.30pm to eat, drink and watch the fun.  The original monthly get-together for locals, expats and tourists. Usually followed by visit to gay bar or late night club in Chaweng


Major Bowl
Tesco Lotus Shopping Mall,
Chaweng Branch
Samui Ring Road





Every 4th Saturday of the month

Pool Night at Pride Bar

Another fun night out and a chance to mix with locals as well as other tourists and Samui expats. You don't need to be a snooker guru to come on down and take your best shot.  Fun prizes for random scores - you don't need to pot the black to be a winner. 


See the location information in the Pride Bar section