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K-Club BarK-Club & Together Massage
Bar and Massage Club

K-Club and Together Massage Spa.  K-club is the longest running gay bar on Koh Samui and it occupies a large double shop unit conveninetly located in busy nightlife district of Chaweng.  Come and join the team offering both bar and massage service. The friendly staff will be happy to take care of you.  Happy Hour from 2 pm to 8 pm nightly plus massage room above the bar or Out Call Service available. 


Chaweng "gay street"  Soi Solo north end Chaweng Beach Road, behind Terminal D Restaurant, Close to Chaweng Boxing Stadium.  See Map Page for exact location


Call land line 077-256171 or mobile +66(0)81-2827244.




Jessy_77777 <at> hotmail.com

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