Pride Bar Samui

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Pride BarPride Bar Samui

The Euro Style Gay Bar in the heart of Chaweng


British owners Peter and Dave spared no expense to create this smart stylish bar and the attention to detail is clear to see.  A space that is both trendy and cool as well as cosy and comfortable.  A Western style bar where you will not be hassled to buy drinks for anyone else (unless you want to).  The venue occupies the combined space of two shop units and has a pool table so there is plenty of space to relax and unwind or wind up and dance.  However the mood takes you.  

For special events coming up check their website  Coming Soon Section


Chaweng "gay street"  Soi Solo, north end Chaweng Beach Road, behind Terminal D Restaurant and Solo Bar.  See Map Page for exact location


+66 (0)887532921


info <at>


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