Samui Gay Pride

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Building Pride

Samui Pride was set up in September 2011. Our aims are:-

- to make a bigger better gay community
- to bring together tourists, Thai people and expats
- to promote and foster gay tourism to the island
- to enhance the status of the gay community on the island
- to raise funds for local charitable causes by organising regular events

Samui Pride is run entirely by volunteers. It is reliant upon the support and goodwill of the many businesses on the island connected with gay tourism as well as the community generally.

Helping Our Community


It would be too easy to think only of ourselves. Have some parties, make new friends, and enjoy life but the founding principle of Samui Pride is to give back to the local community.  Therefore after much research a school for Special Needs Children was chosen to be “adopted” by us and we hope to offer as much financial and practical support as we can over the coming years.